Ooty - Tribal Research Center

Tribal Research Center
The tribal research center (T R C) was constituted on second October 1983 at Udhagamandalam and is functioning on its own 25 acres of hill terrain at M Paladin, 10 Kms away from Ooty bus stand. His Excellency, the then President of India, Thiru Gyani Zail Singh had very kindly laid the foundation stone for the Tribal Research Centre, listed at present with Ministry of Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. This center is funded by both State and central Governments on 50:50 basic and it is the youngest of the 14 Tribal Research institutes in the country. The relevance of Tribal Research Centre is very much identified as 'Tribal Essential Institute' for the welfare of the 36 Scheduled Tribes of Tamilnadu.
Major objectives of the Tribal Research centre are:
  • To conduct studies on tribal Communities
  • To import training and proper orientation on tribal cultures and development.
  • To record Social, Economic, Religious, political and Psychological changes among the Scheduled Tribes.
  • To recommend weaker communities for inclusion in the list of SC/ST of Tamil Nadu.
  • To publish monographs on the life and culture of the tribal communities
  • To develop tribal Museum with the concept of culture preservation
  • To prepare perspective plans for the uplift of the tribes

Thus the Tribal Research Centre is acting as an integral part of the planned Development of the Tribals. It is concentrating more on Nilgiris district because all the six Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs) identified by the Government of India like Todas, kotas, Irulas, Kurumbas, Paniyans and Kattunayakans are exclusive inhabiting since ages in Nilgiri hills.

Facilities Available at Tribal Research Centre
Library with books and journals on tribal studies
Well furnished Guest house
Tribal Map on the land
Audio-video system to entertain tribal festivals and tradition of dance and song
Indoor and open Air Tribal Museum.
Special Cultural heritage Attraction
The Tribal Museum is function in the campus of Tribal Reserch Centre since 1989 depiciting various tribal cultures of Tamil Nadu and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Recently carved fier-made tribal statues are attracting more number of tourists from India and abroad.